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From college looking back at High School

If I could redo high school, I would. I kept to myself a majority of the time, so my high school experience was boring. I’m not too shy, so I should have reached out more. I didn’t go to pep rallies, I didn’t attempt to play sports, I only had one friend, and I didn’t go to any parties.

You don’t realize how simple and easy high school is until you are out there working and going to college. Once you graduate nobody in your family feels like they owe you anything, you are then just like them, an adult in need of money.

Listen to me, please. Lighten up, have a good time. I didn’t say go wild and do stupid stuff but, live it up. If there’s a pep rally, go. If there’s a game, go. If there are students around you, talk to them. If they won’t talk to you talk to someone else, but keep talking, keep being friendly. If you aren’t good enough to play sports, be the team manager so you can go on the trips and hang with the team. It’s still going to be fun and you’re still going to make more friends.

From colledge looking back at High School Days

Looking back, I enjoyed my high school experience. I learned that the more active you are, the more fun and friends you will have. I would have picked a different high school, maybe one in LA, but that’s because I played sports and I would have gotten more attention in LA than I did in Lancaster. Regardless, this is the best time of your life.

They say college is, but I disagree and I went to a division I college in California and a division II college in South Carolina. College comes with a little bit of responsibility. Parents stop thinking for you and well, you start finding out what they were doing to keep your life running smooth. To have fun and have no responsibilities is a dream, and that is over when high school is over so enjoy it.

The sweat the small stuff.

College was not what I expected

I was one of those non-traditional students, you know the people who didn't go to college when they should have for whatever reason and now, later in life I going back to get my education while raising my children and working in my role as a husband.

Let me say this, I'm a very intellectual person, I'm a thinker. I like talking about things, learning through communication, challenging my mind; so when I decided to go back to college I was so excited I would be in an environment where my mind can mingle with the other intellectual beings of this planet; boy was I wrong.

There was no intellectual conversation. No discussion on the social political landscape of America. My mind wasn't stimulated and excited it was bored and lonely, as lonely as it had been for years.

Maybe I watched too many movies where they portrayed college as this melting pot of brains fighting to be stimulated with new discoveries. It turned out, college is not like the movies, not one bit.

Take my English class for example. We were talking about poetry, creative writing, which should bring about much debate and fun conversation, but no, everyone just sat there silent, waiting for the class to be over so they could stumble on to the next class where they would again sit quietly, waiting for that class to be over. This is what college students do, semester after semester, year after year until finally they graduate and walk across that stage expressing excitement for the first time in their college life. "Yeah, mom, look at me, I did it."

But what did you do really? You treated college like a job you hate but had to work until a better job came along, putting in as little effort as possible, only concerned with the grade you received at the end of the class.

Being who I am, I decided I was going to get my English class talking even if that meant the entire class turning on me, but damn it, we are going to talk about something for the next hour. It worked, the class became alive, and yeah they turned on me a bit since I took the side nobody was on in order to be the enemy. What is it they say, nothing brings strangers together more than a common enemy? ,

At the end of the class the teacher wrote me a note thanking me for being in her class. She expressed that semester after semester she has to sit through these boring classes herself and finally, finally, she had a class that was awake with mental activity, living breathing human beings that had opinion about something.

Yeah, that is what college life was for me. I think I like the movie version better, but you've got to go in order to get a good job right?

College food is AWFUL

I don't know what I expected, when I watched "Different World" on television they didn't talk about what the food tasted like, but you just thought it was good right? They always met at the same food spot, Mr. Gains spot, and they had good conversation accompanied by laughter. Well, I'm not laughing very hard or enjoying the food very much. Can you say, "Seasoning," cause clearly the cooks at my college can't.

Maybe I should be a bit more understanding, after all they are cooking for thousands of kids from all kinds of different backgrounds. I know if they made all the food hot like some Hispanics are use to eating, I wouldn't be able to eat it all, and if they made it real spicy like some Cubans eat, again I wouldn't be able to eat it. Wait a second, am I actually defending the bland food cooked at my college, cause it wasn't my intention to do so. No, I'm not defending them because there should be some basic standard for seasoning your food. You can't use the argument that there are so many kids from various backgrounds because Applebees and Chili's have found a way to cook basic food that everyone can eat and it has some kind of seasoning on it.

Dennys is another example and for those in the south, Crackerbarrel is a great example of seasoned, nice tasting food that anyone from any back ground can eat.

I didn't think about what the food would taste like as I prepared for college and nobody told me what it would be like. It's not like I wouldn't have gone to college if I had know the food was terrible but, it would have been one less thing that was disappointing about this first year experience. One thing I do know is, for next year, I'm so going to try to get into the dorm room that has a kitchen so I can cook my own food. You might be thinking, just go out, don't go to the cafeteria. Well, I'm paying a lot of money to be able to eat three meals a day in the cafeteria and i don't get that money back so I've got no choice but to eat there.

I'm not going to lie about it, sometimes I acted a little funny about some of the food my grandmother would cook, I lived with her and my dad during high school, but looking back, or more to the point, while I'm sitting in the cafeteria doing the best I can to lie to myself about how good the food is to make it easier to get pass my taste buds and down my unbeliever scared throat, I day dream about the mac and cheese my grandmother made, how the cheese pulled like a string off your fork and the mashed potatoes and gravy that taste so good you have to only put a little on your plate otherwise you wouldn't eat anything else and you entire meal for that day will be mashed potatoes and gravy.

So as a freshman I say to all high school kids still living at home; enjoy your mother's, father's, grandparent's cooking, remember every simple little flavoring in every thing they cook. When you finish eating be sure to thank them for cooking for you and here's the biggest thing; while they are cooking, go in to the kitchen and learn to cook so when you get to your sophomore year and you get that room with a full kitchen, you can duplicate all those foods that made your taste buds happy. I'm looking forward to next year and the dorm with a kitchen if I can get it but, honestly, I don't know how to cook a lot of food so it'll be an on going experiment, however, I don't see how I can do any worse than the cooks in my schools cafeteria.

Dirty dirty women

My first year at college isn’t like what I saw in the movies. I’ve watched a lot of college movies and not one time did I see anything close to what I’ve experience my first year at college. That was a bit quick, maybe I should have eased into it. Let’s do that, lets take a more positive look at my college life.

Well, you have food and friends and a safe environment. There’s heaters in the rooms and the beds are not too uncomfortable. Okay, that’s enough of that, I gave you all the positive vibes I have right now, I think it’s time to let you see the truth about college life. Girls are nasty, real nasty. There are trash cans for tampons, more than one in multiple locations along with the tampon containers located inside each stall, but somehow these nasty girls just can’t seem to find them, they lay their used tampons everywhere.

Imagine stepping into the shower and instead of soap sitting on the soap rack, there’s a bloody tampon, sick, just sick I tell you. It’s hard enough to adjust to using a public toilet all the time instead of your private, clean family toilet, add to that your requirement to navigate around used tampons and it all adds up to you hating living in the freshman dorms.

You know how when you go to the doctor they have medical waste containers in every room so no one is accidentally exposed to some else’s blood, well, living in the freshman dorm you have to navigate around not only tampons but also band aids that seem to be just about everywhere.

You know I never thought I would make that big of a deal about someone’s hair laying around. At home I shared a bathroom with my father who keeps a shaved head so it was always him complaining about my hair laying all over the sink. I am so sick of peeling other girl’s hair off my soap and off the sick. It’s not like there’s a bathroom attendant standing around twenty-four hours a day making sure the bathroom is clean, it’s up to us to keep it clean enough to make it through the week since the cleaning people only work on the weekend.

Let me paint a picture. The cleaning people clean the bathroom Saturday morning, but Sunday night the bathroom is trashed and you have to live through that for the rest of the week. Now I know I’m putting this on the college but, considering we pay thousands of dollars you would think they could have someone come in and clean the bathroom in the middle of the week.

Even if you are okay with all that, no one is okay with taking a cold shower; never in any college movie did I see the girls complaining that the hot water doesn’t work or that the water is completely off. We are paying thousands of dollars and we can’t get hot water, really? I was so looking forward to going to college but no one told me to prepare for taking cold showers.

Overall, I have to give the freshman dorms at my very popular California college a “C” grade. Now I know why the line was so long for people trying to get into the dorms that have their own bathroom inside. You can bet I’m going to try hard to get into one of those rooms, it’s well worth the extra money I’m going to owe when I finish school.

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