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False Memories, True Lies

Written By
Clyde Derrick A.
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False Memories True Lies is a powerful dramatic book that was written in 2014. It is a fiction/drama book and can be read in 3 days for fast readers like me and about 2 weeks for those of you that are slow readers.
The book has a lot of twist and turns that you won't see coming. No, I'm serious, you won't see them coming.
False Memories True Lies has great imagery that really makes you see everything in your head, so you can really get into it.
I can't tell you too much about the book because I don't want to spoil it, but I can tell you it deals with a hollywood scandal unlike the ones you hear about on TV. The scandal scenario is really way out there; they would never use this scenario on TV or in a movie, but when you finish the book you see that what you thought the book was about was never what is was about. I told you it has a few twist.Take it from me, this book is a must read!

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Of course I scored it a
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Be advised, there is a book on Amazon called "The Wash" by an Author with the same name as me, Clyde Derrick,
it IS NOT my book. The books on this page are my only two published books.
Battlefield: The Enemy Thanks You For Your Silence

Written By
Minister Clyde Derrick
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Have you heard of a church where the pastor divorced his wife and married the woman he was cheating with, and then he brings her into the church expecting the members to respect her the same as they did his first wife? Of courses you have. Likely you saw it first hand because it happens all too often.

This book takes a look at the pain and suffering that happens to every one surrounding the situation. The churches pain, the ex-wife's pain, the children who now have to live with the contradiction that is their father, their pain. It deals with the effect on the congregation but also talks about the congregations failure.

Most of all, this book shows you that if your pastor was truly called and anointed by God, that this wife swap was more than just lust for sex, it was part of a spiritual attack on God's area. The truth is, Christians always claim to be under spiritual attacks when really, the attack is never on us, we just feel the ripple effects.

If this happened to your church, this book will help you move past the pain you are likely experiencing.


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Of course I scored it a

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