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Security Services
I work for a licensed security company that provides the following types of security services: Production, Private, Commercial, Residential, Special Events, Executive Security and Risk Assessment.

Call me, I'll make the connection and make sure we take good care of you.

The compnay has offices in the following locations: Houston, Texas - Lake Havasu City, Arizona - Charleston, South Carolina - Las Vegas, Nevada - Charleston, South Carolina - Pittsfield, Massachusetts - Tampa, Florida - New York, New York - Kennesaw, Georgia (Atlanta) - Marlton, New Jersey.

*Licensed by State of California

Script Doctor
Have you been laboring over that movie script of over a year, maybe two? Well stop wasting time, it just might be that you are not a good writer. That's okay, luckily for you I'm not overly educated so my need for money has collided with your need for good writing. Note: I create, I do not edit, get an english teacher for that. I do the creative part, you do the editing.
I wrote the below short for someone over two years ago. She had a hard time explaining what she wanted, so I ended up giving her four different versions, way more than I should have. For X amount of money, I'm only going to do so much. Also below are two sitcom scripts I wrote a long time ago, back when the shows were on the air. They show my comic writing ability. Don't forget you can also purchase my fiction novel on Amazon to verify my writing skills. Use this link to book "False Memories True Lies".



Estate Sale

My father had a 7200 square foot custom house and his wife died. I had never done an estate sale before, but I jumped into the fire and pulled it off. Can you imagine the amount of furniture and items in a house that large? Three sales later, everything gone. Afterwards people told me, I did as good a job as a "Professional" estate sale company. I'm thinking, your house probably isn't quite so large so, I should be able to handle your estate sale just fine.

Business Consultation
You could hire a highly (over) paid professional or you can pay me less and get the same help and advise. I've started corporations, LLCs, non-profit corps, merged corps; applied for copyrights, trademrks, D.B.A.s, all documented facts. I built this website and set up the affiliate advertisements and shopping pages, including the paypal shopping cart. I ran my own music company, put out my own newspaper and had my own Real Estate company. I produced and ran my own television commercials on both network (Example: Anger Management) and cable tv (example: House wives of Atlanta), and on major award shows like the BET and Soul Train Awards. Let me pass on some of that knowledge to you without breaking your bank. I no longer publish newspapers, but I wanted to show you that my publishing abilities are not too bad; see below. I'm also including a link to two of the television commercials I produced and ran on the BET awards. Use this link & this link. It's a new world where lack of marketing skills will kill your business before you get started. Haven't you noticed, everyone is a mini publicity company.

Second Issue


Bachelorette Party

What's a Bachelorette party without some fun gifts. Sex games and toys to play with make the event fun, crazy, unforgettable and isn't that what you are going for? Call us, we can get you adult items at a reasonable price. Years into the marriage the bride will look back at her bachelorette party and say, "I can't believe they did all that, it was crazy, it was wild, and I'll never forget it." After the party, you might want to remember we sale adult marital aids?
Below are samples of things we will bring to the party.

I'm waiting for your call,

Clyde Derrick

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