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What is Varsity Overdrive?

Being Varsity is living the best life. Not JV, not the practice team, but Varsity, the main team, the team everybody wants to be on. Everybody wants to get there but, most get trapped in the rat race and can't break free.

Overdrive is being in that fast car and feeling the excitement you felt when you were a child and the pressures of this world had not yet weighed you down.

You just need to change gears to reach a true state of varsity. Having your life in "D" mold just gets you more of the same. Society offers more stress, more drama, more physical and mental fatigue. Stop all that, change gears, put your life in overdrive and drive away from society as fast as you can, escaping the judgment, condemnation, and debt.

It's a scary journey, and one that you will have to travel alone but, if you are one of the fortunate ones who are able to break through to the other side, you will find yourself in a state of peace you thought only exist in movies and fairytales.

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