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When you're low, you're low
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When you're low, you're low

I understand it now, I get it, took me a while but, it's so very clear; when you are that thing/person, society steps on or over, to get where they're going, the sum of your worth as a human being is zero. it doesn't matter what country, or what city you call home, if you lay down to sleep on a street, you amount to zero. Let me tell you how I came to this understanding.

My daughter went to college August 19th, on a Saturday, two days later, after recovery from my long drive to and from San Franscico, I began my new life. My town being one where the majority of the people travel to Los Angeles for work because we only have minimum wage jobs in our town, I was faced like everyone else with the prospect of sitting in traffic every morning for two hours. Not willing to do that and knowing I would be working multiple jobs I decided to buy a van to live in, in and around Los Angeles.

Fast forward four months later, I'm working for a very famous professional L.A. sports team; if I said the name you would know exactly who I'm talking about but I won't because I don't want to get sued, even though everything I'm going to say it true and is an actual first hand experience, you don't really need to know who it was. I was so excited to get this job, even though it was only part time and would only last four months until the end of the season, but hey, it's the (will remain nameless). I thought to myself, this company is top shelf, I will get treated good here, like a human being who has worth and value and is appreciated; boy was I wrong. One night game, and they were all at night, they had me working outside and it was cold. My head was cold, my ears were cold, it was flat out cold and nobody could deny it. I asked my manager if I could wear a beanie and he agreed, but later on the lady in charge, the person with the real power had me remove it. Wait a second, but you care about me right, I mean, I'm a human being in your eyes because you are the team (who shall remain nameless). No, apparently I was not human, I had no worth, and she did not care about my health, the only thing that mattered to her was the brand she worked for. To make it worse, they were selling team hats and beanies just inside the building, but it was not offered to me to purchase a (yeah, you got it, nameless) beanie to cover my head; I was willing to purchase one with my own money to protect my head and ears from the cold but no, it wasn't part of the uniform so I had to suffer through it.

There I was, working for one of the greatest sports teams in America and I'm being treated no better than when I almost worked for the crappiest little events security company in America, and that's when I realized, when you are low, you are low no matter who you work for, no matter how outstanding the brand of the company that employs you, they, just like the lowest of low companies only see someone to use and throw away like the trash that you are so their brand can move higher and higher and acquire more and more wealth.

So how does this story tie in with the theme of this page, that's easy, can't you see it? There's several view points we can see in this story. One, if you are this low you might as well drop out of society and find a way to live outside the circle because the circle doesn't want you, and when they do deal with you, it's only to abuse you, that's not a very good life.

Second, if you ever expect to get any kind of respect in this world you have to walk away from jobs like this, because you will never be treated right. You have to wake up to the fact that you have placed yourself at the mercy of an evil society and more so, you have placed yourself at the very bottom reaches of an evil society. They are evil, how do you expect them to treat you, do you really expect evil to wake up one day and say, "Hey, maybe I should treat those poor people like my equals; come on, never going to happen.

Lastly, if you will ever have a chance of escaping society you have to find a way to make more money than these jobs will offer you because you will never be free as long as you are this low on the pole. You can look at it two ways, you are so low and making so little money, even a little success on your own will equal the bread crumbs you've been living on but, at least you get to live without the spit in your face. On the other side, you are living so low already, stepping away from it all and living in a tent isn't very far to fall. Of all the jobs in America, being a lowly paid security guard is no more than forty-five days of no pay, away from being homeless if you don't have family to take you in.

You know what I say about security guards, it's the one profession that if you woke up tomorrow and it no longer existed, the world wouldn't even notice they are gone. Don't get mad at me guards, right now as I write this story I am one of you, so I'm speaking towards my own lack of success as well. Security guard work is the most useless, and pointless job in existences, anybody can observe and report an incident or crime but actually do nothing to stop it, you don't need a guy in a uniform for that. Think about it and you tell me I'm wrong; even better, you come up with one job that the world can do without more than security and let me know, hit me up on facebook under clyde derrick. I bet you don't come up with anything because there is no job that is more useless; we need fast food burger makers more than we need security guards. Wake up tomorrow and see how long you survive with no one to make your burger and fries.Think on this, contemplate that the world didn't have security guards or fast food cooks, and you could only bring one of them back, which one would it be? Yeah I got you; you know you bringing back the fast food cook, don't lie.

When you're low, you're low. I'm tired of being low my friends, I'm going to find a way to raise myself out of the gutter and into enough money so I don't have to associate with people like that evil lady who wouldn't let me keep my head and ears warm at the game; may she lose all her money and friends and have to sleep under a freeway somewhere in L.A.and walk up to the ticket window of her beloved team and ask for something to eat just to have the window shut in her face because she, like all the other homeless people around L.A. no longer matter to society. Wait a second, maybe that was a bit mean, a little over the top, maybe it's enough that she drops down in status and has to work hard for the rest of her life, maybe that will wake her up to her past deeds and terrible treatment of her fellow human beings? No, I like the first idea where she's sleeping under a bridge, I'm still bitter about my head being cold.

If you do security work don't be mad at me; I'm talking about me as much as I'm talking about you. Let this article inspired to do more, to make your life better, because maybe, just maybe you deserve more, but that's for you to decide.

Even the crazy will think you're crazy
This you will not believe. Recently I drove from my quiet little town to the very messy downtown Los Angeles area to interview for a security job. I found this job opening on a very popular and respectable employment website. My GPS said, "Arriving at destination on right," but when I looked right, the only thing I saw was a small cafe. I drove past it, swung around and drove pass it again. I turned left down the side street next to the cafe where I was able to ask a bystander if he could help. I gave the address and he responded, "This is the right address." I was very confused and frustrated. Here I am after driving more than an hour, sometimes speeding because I hit small pockets of traffic and I was afraid I would be late, and I get to the address and there's nothing here, no security company, no office buildings, no strip mall, none of that, nothing but a small cafe that specializes in tacos.

I gave up, drove down the street a couple of blocks then pull into a parking lot. I call my daughter and ask her to go online and look at this job ad and see if contact information was given. She took a few minutes, called me back and told me no, no contact information was given. Okay, so, on to the next stop I thought but first, just one more time, I'll drive by this spot and take a look. It's not like I expected the taco cafe to turn into a office building but, I just couldn't believe I drove all this way for nothing, I couldn't believe this very well known and widely used website had put up a listing that was a fake.

I drove by one last time and noticed a couple of men sitting in chairs with a small table between them. The chairs weren't there before, nor were the men. I drove down the same side street, parked, got out my car and walked down to see who these men were. Guess what, it's the job interview, sitting on a ordinary street corner outside of a cafe that specialized in tacos, oh yeah, and coffee. I waited my turn, listened to the others interviews; why not, they were right next to me, it wasn't like there was a waiting area, then when my turn came, I took the seat in front of this man holding interviews on a street corner across the street from an abandoned building.

Right away, this man acknowledged it may seem a little shady holding interviews on a street corner. He explained he and his wife had gotten a divorce and his wife took the security company as part of the settlement. He explained his plan was to start his own company from scratch and that is the reason he did not have an office. I was okay with it, I told him, I don't care if you are just getting started, as long as you are legitimate and you pay; here's were the funny part comes in.

During the conversation, as I answered the commonly asked interview question of "Tell me a little about yourself," I mentioned I live in a van and I explained why. My reason for living in a van was as valid and rational as his reason for holding interviews on a dirty street corner but you should have seen the look on this man's face after hearing the news of my living arrangement. His entire body rocked back and his face made a look that can only be described as saying, "Really, you live in a van? What kind of person lives in a van." Yes, every bit of that indignation jumped off his face and waved like disapproving hands right in front of my face.

Okay, let's take a step back and look at this thing from the outside. On one side of this small table made for camping not interviews sat a man that lived in a brand new van because it's too expensive to live in an apartment in Los Angeles, while on the other side of this table that may have been a TV tray, sat a judgmental man that for reasons that really don't matter, is holding job interviews on a dirty street corner outside a tiny cafe that brags about their awesome tacos and quite possibly have illegally used a marker to turn the food and health inspector's F grade into an A.

In what world does a man in his position look down on a man in mine? Now you see why I titled this, "Even the crazy will think you're crazy." He actually thought he was better than me, that his alternative hiring process was not as far outside of normal as my living situation.

How did it all end you ask? I asked for his business card and business license number, shook his hand and said good bye. As I drove off I laughed, in fact I laughed for a minute or two; I could not believe a man holding interviews on an obscure street corner just blocks from a dirty strip joint can find any space to judge me because I have chosen an alternative life style.

How do you escape society when even a loser thinks you are a loser?

I can't even tell you why I lied

I interviewed for a part time job last week, wait, first I have to set this up so you understand the conditions going into the interview. When I finish you are going to say, “Wow, that’s so messed up,” trust me, you will.

Here it is. I dropped my daughter off at college on the nineteenth of August on a Saturday. The next week on Wednesday I went to L.A. for two job interviews and got both jobs; one was for security and the other was as a Limo Driver. I told both employers I got two jobs on the same day and wanted to work them both. The Limo job took two weeks to get going because the person I needed to talk to for scheduling was ill, in the mean time, the security company got me working the first week and put me on a forty hour shift the following week. When the Limo company finally called, I explained I was already on a forty and I didn't want to throw it back at the security company; also, I came to understand, the post I was on was the only location they had with a forty hour shift. It took a week to figure out, but I realized I was hired specifically for this post because the nature of my upbringing made me able to blend into the culture of this particular company.

I told the Limo company give me a few weeks and I'll ask to go part time, they understand and agreed to wait. Three weeks later the Limo company called and reminded me that if I give them hours, they will work me. You have to understand, the Limo job paid way more than the security job and I would control my schedule. The next week I called the Limo Company to double check that they would give me hours if I left my current post and they assured me they would; having just bought a brand new van, I couldn't’t afford to go a day without work. At the end of that week I asked the security supervisor to remove me from my post and allow me to go part time. I then called the Limo Company and told them, "Okay, you have my complete week, please put me on schedule." I was told, I would get a call Monday of the next week and they would get me started. Bottom line on that is, I was never put on schedule. I called, I drove to company to talk and was told, "Yeah we are going to get you going don't worry about it buddy," but I was never put on schedule.

One week goes by with no income so I start over. I went back to L.A. for two more interviews and got both jobs; one was full time security at a senior center and the other was part time security at a sports venue. There was a second interview needed with the person running the senior center before that job was confirmed but, as you see, I do pretty well in interviews. A week went by and no call for the second interview so I called and asked the supervisor to get me any thing until the interview comes through and they agreed.

The next week I had an appointment to go in and get put into the system for that security company but in the mean time another transportation company called me for an interview. I met with the transportation person before going to the security company and guess what, I was offered that job too. Now this job paid more money because of course the tips make a big difference and I was assured I would get forty to fifty hours a week with flexibility of scheduling which the security company didn't offer. I really wanted to keep my part time at the sports venue but if I worked for the security company I would have had to quit the sports venue where on the other hand, the driving position would work around my part time sports security schedule. This man sold me on how badly his company needed me since I had a class B license and could drive fifteen plus passengers. He made sure I understood they currently only had three drivers with a class B license and air brakes endorsement so I would get a lot more hours than the other drivers.

After long hard thought, I decided to take the drivers position; wow, what was I thinking? But in my defense, I even called the rep from the transportation company while at the security company, I stepped outside for a minute, and asked again to be sure I would get forty hours. I advised him the security company is offering forty and reminded him about what the last Limo company did to me, I had told him in the interview, which cost me three weeks of work at the worse time since I have a van payment coming due. He assured me I would get my forty, so I took the drivers position. The next week, training was twelve hours, the week following, I got less than twelve hours and realized I was lied to. The man who hired me apologized and suggested I could go find other work and come back in January when they are more busy and I asked him, "How many forty hour week jobs do you think are out there." I stated, "You knew what the other Limo Company did to me and you knew I was out of work for three weeks; you know I passed on a forty hour job to take this one based on your word."

As I tell my children, when people screw up your life, the only thing they offer as recompense is, "I'm sorry," but as we all know, sorry don't pay the bills.

So being desperate, I go to another security company located five minutes walking from the driving job and I ask them to hire me for the three days I will be in the Orange county area, and they hired me. I was a bit shocked since in the interview I advised them, "I can't say when I will be available for work but maybe, I can cover some slots for you from time to time." I am a pretty good sales person, you've got to give me that. I once convinced someone to hire me after telling them I hate the work I was applying for. How do you do that, tell someone when asked, "So do you like this kind of work?" "No, I hate it," how do you admit that and still get the job? I laughed all the way home that day, but that's another story.

So now you have the set up.
So in this interview with the security company steps away from the transportation company, one of the managers asked me, and I’m thinking it’s because I said, “I don’t want to just sit around with nothing to do if the transportation company doesn’t work me, I need to fill my time; maybe from that he felt my situation wasn’t normal so he asked me, "Are you homeless?" I rocked back in my chair and proclaimed, "No, I'm not homeless I live in (my city)," but, I really am homeless aren't I? My mother has a home that I stay at but I don't have a home or apartment, I live in my van when in the L.A. area working, so really, I am homeless. From his point of view, why should it matter, I have a real address and phone number to use, as long as I show up for work in clean clothes, I smell good and look good, what does the size of my sleeping accommodations matter?

The question is, why did I react the way I did, it's not like I couldn't have still sold myself to them as an employee who just happened to live in a van. If I can tell someone I hate the work I'm applying for and still get the job, surely I can tell an employer, "Yeah I live in my van just blocks always so I can be anywhere at any time."

It's the stigma that's on being homeless that I naturally tried to avoid but, what makes me less of a person because of where I sleep at night? I'm the same person during the day when I'm working. I'm the same person when I'm communicating with others. I don't talk any more stupid because I went from sleeping in a house to sleeping in a van. In fact, the only difference my body feels is I went from a pillow top queen size mattress to a full sized twin bed that I’m finding out is not as comfortable as I thought it was seeing that I bought it as a step up in mattress quality for my daughter paying good money for it. I thought I bought my daughter a comfortable mattress; hey parents make mistakes, it’s hard raising kids, don’t judge me.

So back to the issue, what changed about me since my daughter went to college, the answer, nothing changed, I’m the same person rather living in my mother’s home, living in my own home, or living out of a van that I work hard to make the payments on.

Fear of judgment from a society that is all about how much money you have is what caused my reaction to this manager’s question.

In conclusion, the next time I interview and the question comes up, you best believe I'm going to tell them, "Yeah I live in my van down by the river, because L.A. is too expensive and why should I pay a lot of money for a place I'm only going to be in long enough to sleep. I came to Los Angeles to work, not to hang out in an apartment," besides, now that I have my first smart phone, I can watch television and movies in my van, I don’t need to pay a lot of rent for that. Yeah that's what I'm going to say and you know what, I bet you I get the job.

In the mean time, as we say in situations like this where your van payment is due tomorrow and you don’t have any of the money, I’m ()()()()()()

It takes money to escape society?

We can talk all day long about breaking away from society but the truth is, even those who have the desire to break free, probably can't afford to act on their feelings. First of all, most Americans own way too much stuff and have far too great of an attachment to those items. Have you watched shows on television where people are trying to make the adjustment from a regular home to a tiny house? Boxes upon boxes of things, spread out all over the living room, dinning room, and bedrooms. Only after gazing at the mountains of boxes and bags do they realize just how much stuff they've accumulated over their time in their home and or over their life.

Why did I bring up the elimination of clutter, because, in order to escape society you need money and the bigger life you live the more money you need. The goal is to reduce your needs and output to a level where you don't require as much income; the lower your income need, the better chance you can produce that need on your own terms. Now if you have a great business going that's producing a good sum of money then this little article is meaningless to you because the only thing that's stopping you from breaking free is you; but if you don't have an established sole proprietor business, the key is to not need so much money thereby increasing the chance your business will cover your needs.

I think there's a lot of people who want to get out of the rat race but are just too scared to try. Truth is, most people are afraid to attempt starting their own business and becoming their own boss so their dependency on a nine to five will always keep them in the middle of this one mind, one way of thinking that we call society.

So again, how much money do you need to escape society? Just enough, and if you can be okay with just enough, you just might find peace on the other side of the line separating conformity and individuality. Living on just enough requires a minimalist mind set which from what I understand most people do not have. Luckily for me, I do have it so the only wall standing in my way is making enough money to cover my bills and have just a little fun at the same time.

Why is it important you escape society?

By now it's clear, I've put some thought into how to escape society. You might be wondering, why would you want to escape society, and that question would be appropriate. First comes the longing for something, an acknowledgment that something's not right, then comes the process of figuring out how to get it. Society, the group, the mass number and majority of people on this earth never think about escaping society because they are part of the group, they feel comfortable, their lives have meaning and direction inside the group. Then there are those people who's lives have no meaning, no purpose and they feel a little uncomfortable but, they are close enough to what the group considers normal that they can live with the discomfort. This group goes out and gets drunk on the weekend and confuses fun for happiness, gets up on Monday and repeats the process of survival. I know what you're thinking, a lot of people get drunk on the weekend, but there are those people, inside the group that know something is off but they don't have the guts to examine it so drinking, yelling at football games and other social events, covers up the pain so they can lie to themselves and say everything is okay. We know there are a lot of people unhappy because there are millions of people who medicate their pain, but some of these people aren't just unhappy about this and that, you know, life; some of these mediaters are unhappy because they can't seem to find a place in this world where they can even begin got be happy. No matter what they do, that feeling like something's off never goes away, so they just smile and lie and keep on moving inside the circle, and since they are pretty close to normal, society never notices it has people who don't belong living inside the circle, and even worse, there is no acknowledgement that there even exist such a thing as people who just don't belong. Go to therapy, tell the therapist your problems, they give you medication, why, they are part of society so no amount of training is going to prepare them for listening to and understanding an outsider.

Then there are those people who cannot hide from the pain. They can't drink away the pain or medicate the pain away. You know how you can spot these people, they aren't looking to express their "Individuality," like people inside society. They don't run out and get a tattoo to show their rebellious nature, no these people make no effort to be different, they just are different and generally, after years of dealing with themselves, they don't like it and wouldn't wish this true individuality on anyone other than their worse enemy. This lonely group of people deal okay for a time but, at some point in their lives they get to where they can no longer mingle with society, to do so causes pain and frustration and for a while they don't understand why. Medication and alcohol won't work because you still have to be around people, and there in lies the problem, the root cause of the frustration; people.

It takes a long time to understand it, to see it. For a while you think, well I'm different and I have trouble fitting in but, if I do this or get here I'll be okay, I'll find a group that I can hang with. Slowly over time you make adjustments to the way you view things. First you learn to separate your high school friends from adult life, then you separate your college or 20s friends from your current life, which is a normal adjustment that everyone eventually learns is needed, but the difference is your adjustments don't stop there. As time goes on you find that you are always frustrated with the way everyone around you sees friendship and family loyalty. It's all or nothing in your mind, if you are family I'll die for you if you are a friends I'll fight besides you. Wow, what a wake up call, when you learn that your friends are only friends when it worked in their best interest and your family has absolutely no loyalty towards you. If you go to church, you're find you can see things in the scripture others, maybe even your pastor can't see. For you, it's a realization that nothing can be done to make things feel normalized between you and friends, associates and family, where with most people, they can drop people and pick up new people and find some since of balance and normalization.

You look back and you remember saying,"I hate being around people," and then for a while that feeling fades but, now you know, yeah, you hate being around people, the problem is you still don't understand why. Maybe you have someone, a stranger, a co-worker say to you, "You don't hate people, you're just tired of not being understood. Every time I see you, you're explaining yourself." Maybe, that co-worker is right to a degree, you are tired of not being understood but what that well intentioned co-worker doesn't understand in their assessment of you is, you will never be understood by anybody and that's not normal and it makes you isolated mentally, bringing on real anger and frustration. You explain yourself, your position and thoughts just like everyone else in the world, that's not different, everybody explains their thoughts and gives their opinions, what's different is, your view point is from outside the societal circle and therefore no one inside the circle will ever be able to see your point of view, they are looking out, you are looking in and it's frustrating because, you don't understand yet, you don't belong.

You have to give up, stop trying because it's the trying that causes the pain. You have to accept you are different from everyone around you including mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, son and daughter. I do have to say, I believe there is likely one family member just like you, likely your mother or father since I believe this is an inherited trait, this ability or misfortune to be a true individual; the question is, was that person able to analyze what was going on with them and come to the understanding that they are just wired different and there's nothing they can do about it? Maybe your father was an alcoholic because he didn't have a single soul to talk to, to express what was going on inside his head? Maybe your mother medicated because she couldn't understand why she never had any close friends?

Why want to escape society, that's the question and the answer is, because for you, the decease that is killing you, are other human beings. For you, cancer is not a concern, I mean, well, hell, like everybody it is a concern, maybe you get cancer maybe you don't, but what you do know for sure is, you are going to die from the condition you were born with if you don't find a way to block the decease. How do you block a decease if the decease is society? Now you're starting to see the point, now you understand what this blog is about. If you want to not feel dead inside, you want to not have feelings of wanting to leave this world, get away from the decease that is killing you, get away from people, and do it as fast as you can.

Now, here I go, full circle to one of my other blog stories, how do you escape society if you are not rich? I've said it before I'll end with it now, you have too ways to escape society, no, I'm going to make that three. One, you can go live under a bridge, if you do so, society will no longer claim you as part of the human race. Two, you can get rich and then isolate yourself from everyone only dealing with people for short periods of time, call it limited expose to a deadly virus. And third, you can find a way to make just enough money to step outside the circle and live your life off grid as people call it now days. I know you probably think the third way is the easiest but the problem with this method is, in order to scramble for just enough money to keep you free from contact with the world, you have to continuously come into contact with the world. You can't sell something to yourself, or provide a service to yourself, you have to sell or provide a service to other human beings, so in effect, you are going into a room with a deadly virus in the air trying to make enough money so that you can step out of that same room, and that cycle has to be repeated over and over again just so you have a chance to step outside the room for moments at a time. On the other hand, if you can get rich, you can just walk away from it all and never have to put your toe in that room. You can literally scream through the class wall or send someone to step in the room for you. That's not a mean thing, you simply hire a member of society, they'll be happy to be part of the rat race working for someone of your statue, that sort of thing is important to members of society.

So what's the first step, waking up to the fact that you definitely need to step away from your fellow human beings before the weight of their difference crushes you, some times this includes family, but you always stay in contact with family, always. once you are awake, then you can start the process of breaking away.

Wait, last point. Don't hate people because they frustrate you, from societies point of view they are perfectly normal and you who are the decease in the room. That makes sense to you if you've always felt like you are a nail sticking out, always being hammered by people around you, at church, at work, at family dinners. You will always be that nail sticking out and society will always have a hammer in hand waiting to pound you into place.

Before You Go To Hollywood

A little different topic but, still we taking a look at society at large. Each year millions of people eagerly wait to board an airplane that will take them to one of the most special and exciting places in the world. I can imagine the thoughts and visuals running through their minds as they pack their suitcases and discuss the many things they hope to see on their vacation. Their destination, Hollywood California, home of movies, movie stars and storied sports franchises. Oh, but if they only knew what was waiting for them upon their arrival; for there are people also eagerly waiting their arrival, and they also have thoughts and visuals running through their minds, only those thoughts are a bit more dark and sinful.

This is where I enter the story, this summer being my first time driving tour busses in Hollywood. At first it seemed like it was going to be a lot of fun but, very quickly I realized I was in an environment unlike any I had ever been in before. Honestly, I’m not sure I can type words that will completely explain exactly what is waiting for you on Hollywood Boulevard, so I will attempt to paint a picture, give a visual, but beware; it’s not a pretty painting.

Imagine yourself walking down a street, smiling, happy, and excited; unknown to you, there are packs of vultures sitting on rooftops all along this much-esteemed street. Packs of vultures separated into groups, more like gangs really, each one having control over one block of this star covered street. Like all vultures, they fly around in a circle waiting for you to show signs of weakness, so they can swoop down and take their turn pecking away at your immune weaken body. I know the picture is getting a bit ugly but, trust me it’s accurate. As you continue your walk, your body reacting to one attack after the other, eventually, one gang catches you just before you collapse from exhaustion and the next thing you know, you’ve put out way too much money for a tour you really wasn’t planning on taking.

How in the world did they convince you to take this two hour tour that will in fact only be an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes? I’ll tell you how, they told you everything you wanted to hear and you grabbed onto it because you’re hoping on a “Real Hollywood experience.” Its been said, the easiest thing to sell is hope that is already present.

You’re hoping you could see this house and that house, this movie location and that famous eating spot, so they told you what you wanted to hear, they’ll say anything to get you to hand over your money, even lies that are easily seen. I’ll give an example. There was one sales person that would say the bus would go pass the world famous House of Blues located on Sunset Boulevard, the problem with that is, the House of Blues building has been torn down for at least two years, so kind of impossible to view. At first I didn’t fully understand the environment I had put myself in so stupid me, I advised the owners of the tour company that a sales person was telling people we would pass by the no longer standing House of Blues and I was told, “Just let the sales people do what they do, they will get the people on the bus then the drivers show them the reality.” If you heard the deception in that statement, you heard correctly. It got to the point that I couldn’t even stand next to the sales people because I didn’t want to know the lies they had told the people that would be on my tour.

But it goes beyond just deception. One day I got chewed out by the owner because a female tourist got off my bus and asked for her money back. The reason she requested a refund was, while waiting for tour to depart, she asked me, “Since we are leaving an hour later than I was told when I bought my ticket, if I do the tour, will I get back in time to make it to L.A. airport and make a one O’clock flight?” I responded to her question with the truth, “No m’am, you probably will miss your flight.” Not only did I give that answer, another tourist who lived in the L.A. area advised this tourist she probably would not make it to the airport in time. Are you seeing the picture, the owner of the tour company ethical standards are so low, he would rather this woman miss her flight home than refund her twenty-five dollars. Out of all the vulture gangs on Hollywood Boulevard, somehow I ended up working for the most evil of them all; the most veil human beings you can imagine, certainly the nastiest human beings I have ever worked for. That being said, I left that company at the end of the summer for what I believed was a more ethical company and found this business owner’s policy was as follows. Sales people, say whatever you must to get them on the bus. Drivers, run them out and get back in a hour and a half so we can get another group going, don’t worry that they were told tour would be an hour and forty-five minutes, and hey, if they have any problems with anything don’t worry I have no social media presence so I don’t care about reviews. Lastly, and the most important, once we get their money in our hands remember, there will never ever be any refunds for any reasons. Needless to say I didn’t last very long with that group.

There’s something about being ethical working with un-ethical people. When you work in a gang of vultures they expect you to take your fill of tourist flesh, they expect you to co-sign on every lie and deception, give less of a tour than what was promised and work your butt off to make them forget that they didn’t see half the stuff they were promised. In other words, the tour guides job was to make them forget they were lied to, hoodwinked, taken advantage of.

So my dear traveling friends, the next time you vacation in Hollywood, follow these very simple steps and you will maybe get most of what you paid for. First: when given a departure time, ask if there is a refund if you do not leave within fifteen minutes of that time. Second: ask if the full duration of the tour is at least an hour and forty-five minutes and if you are given less than that, will there be a partial refund. Third: keep in mind every tour guide does his or her own completely different tour so nothing sold to you is guaranteed, therefore ask to speak to the person doing your tour, ask that tour guide exactly what they will show you on their tour; if you are happy with their answer, then purchase your seat. Saving the most important for last, always but always, follow this guide line: read the company’s online reviews but, keep in mind the reviews are for that specific tour guide/driver, do not make the mistake in thinking good reviews for Driver X means any tour with this company will be the same. For example, my tour was so good, when the company had a fully booked bus from the internet, they gave it to me because they knew my people came back happy, or “Lit” as younger people will call it and those internet booked people are more likely to give a good review online. On the other hand, they also had two drivers that tours were so bad people often got off the bus demanding their money back. In plain words, if Driver X has all the good reviews, but they won’t book you on Driver X’s tour, keep walking. For all points given, get it in writing on your receipt.

Well, now that you have been informed on just what awaits you on Hollywood Boulevard just remember to repeat this statement before you get out of the car. “Although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,” and oh yeah, remember, if you hear a bird sound overhead, look up, they’re watching.

Escaping Society is escaping Sugar
Sweet Potato Break
I really should start this dive into a anti-sugar life style by explaining, how I ended up living a life without sugar but, I'm a little busy right now so, I thought I would do what I can to get the ball rolling. We're going to go all the way to the other side first where desperation lives, then jump back to the beginning. I know, itt's like telling you the cute couple doesn't live happily ever after then starting the movie, but trust me, you'll be happy I did.

I'm going to solve the hardest problem you will face if you choose to go down this path. Bread, more to the point, the absence of bread. The one thing you will not be able to do is find a good bread. Right now you have no idea just how much you need bread, but trust me, you will. You like eating hamburgers? You ever ate a hamburger without bread? You never thought of that did you?

Why can't you have bread? Because white flour is the enemy, white flour turns into sugar in you body. You like eggs and toast for breakfast? You can't have toast for breakfast, now what? I did tell you we were starting where desperation lives right? Now you believe me? Don't worry you can have bread, you just have to make it from scratch that's all but, here's the good news; the bread I'm going to teach you to make taste so much better than bread.

I found a receipt online for a bread made with Almond flour and honestly, it was not very good, but then I got an idea, why not put something in it just like the apple cake I use to make with I was a young guy. It just so happens I was trying to figure out a way to introduce sweet potatoes into my diet but not a lot at one time because sweet potatoes are very high in sugar. Despite the sugar, the reason I wanted to add sweet potatoes was it has B17 in it, and B17 is a cancer fighting vitamin. Then I thought, hell, if I can add the B17 with sweet potatoes, maybe I can add the health benefits you get from Ceylon Cinnamon, so I added cinnamon to the mix. The result is bread that taste so good you eat it for a snack like a cake but, it doesn't taste like a cake it still taste like a bread.

So now that you have the background on my sweet potato bread, there it is below,hope you enjoy it.

2 cups of shifted Almond flour
1 table spoon of gluten free Baking Powder (not soda)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
4 large eggs(lg not sm)
1/4 cup of water
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 teaspoon of Pure Vanilla Extract
1 & 1/2 large sweet potatoes

Cook the sweet potato in water until soft
enough to mash. Mix in Ceylon Cinnamon
until the color becomes brown, use
enough so you smell and taste it the
cinnamon Mix with vegetable based butter,
enough that you should smell the
sweetness of the sweet potato.
Don't be shy with the butter.
Put olive oil on bottom of cooking pan
cook at 300 degrees until the top is brown

It's a moist bread so you have to cook it
longer than you think you should. Even then
it will be moist hot out of the oven but
will solidify in the frig.

You can eat it cold but it taste too moist that
way, you want to heat it up. We mic it but it's
better if you pop it in a toaster over.

If you find it's too moist, take out the coconut

If you like my receipt tell your friends about
our website on social media. Thanks

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