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What is Varsity Overdrive?

Being Varsity is living the best life. Not JV, not the practice team, Varsity, the main team, the team everybody wants to be on. Everybody wants to get there but, most get trapped in the rat race and can't break free. The biggest trap is, not knowing what is living Varsity; I say, it's freedom.

Overdrive is being in that fast car and feeling the excitement you felt when you were a child before the pressures of this world weighed you down.

You need to change gears to reach a true state of varsity, having your life in "D" mold just gets you more of the same. Society offers more stress, more drama, more physical and mental fatigue. Stop all that, change gears, put your life in overdrive and speed away from society, never looking back. Escape judgment, condemnation, and debt; live free.

An 8 hour work day is the JV team. Do you know why there were no pep rallies for the JV team? Because everybody knew, they were only playing JV because they didn't make varsity. People lie to themselves, telling themselves they are on the varsity team, probably because it's better to lie to yourself than admit you're just playing follow the leader and you have no clue where you're going.

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Current Blog: Freedom from Sugar will save your life

My Sweet Potato Bread Receipt

I really should start this dive into a anti-sugar life style by explaining how I ended up living a life without sugar but, I'm a little busy right now so I thought I would do what I can to get the ball rolling. I'm going to take you to the far side of this life style change where desperation lives, and frustration is at it's highest, but throw you a life line that will make life worth living again. Again, I know, I should start you off slow but, yeah, hold on tight we going into deep water.

I'm going to solve what is absolutely the hardest problem you will face if you choose to go down this path. The absolute hardest adjustment you will have to make is the absence of bread, try and try you will, but the one thing you will not be able to do is find a good bread. Right now you have no idea just how much you need bread, but trust me, you will. You like eating hamburgers? You ever ate a hamburger without bread? Never thought of that did you?

You might be wondering, why can't I have bread, the answer, white flour is the enemy. White flour turns into sugar in you body and you are now anti-sugar remember? You like eggs and toast for breakfast? Enjoy the eggs but, you can't have that toast with jelly for breakfast, it'll throw you pass your daily allowance of sugar.

Don't worry you can have some bread, you just have to make it from scratch with ingredients that you normally wouldn't use, and here's the good news; the bread I'm going to teach you to make taste so much better than the bread you normally eat.

I found a receipt online for a bread made with Almond flour and honestly, it was not very good, but then I got an idea; why not put something in like apples. When I was a young boy I always made an apple cake, it was kind of my thing, and yeah, it was good. It just so happens, at the same time, I was trying to figure out a way to introduce sweet potatoes into my diet, but not a lot at one time because sweet potatoes are very high in sugar.

I wanted to add sweet potatoes to my diet because they have B17 in them, and B17 is a cancer fighting vitamin, so just like the apples in my apple cake, I added sweet potatoes into my bread.

Then I thought, hell if I can add the B17 with sweet potatoes, maybe I can adds some Ceylon Cinnamon and reap the health benefits you get from cinnamon, so I added cinnamon to the mix. You probably guessed it, there was also cinnamon in my apple cake. The result is bread that taste so good you eat it for a snack like a cake but, it doesn't taste like a cake it still taste like a bread.

So now that you have the background on my sweet potato bread, you have the receipt, hope you enjoy it.

2 cups of shifted Almond flour
1 table spoon of gluten free Baking Powder (not soda)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
4 large eggs(lg not sm)
1/4 cup of water
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 teaspoon of Pure Vanilla Extract
1 large sweet potatoes
Ceylon Cinnamon

Cook the sweet potato in water until soft
enough to mash. Mix in Ceylon Cinnamon
until the color becomes brown, use
enough so you smell and taste it the
cinnamon Mix with vegetable based
butter, enough that you should smell
the sweetness of the sweet potato.
Don't be shy with the butter.

Don't blend, just stir mix by hand.

Put olive oil on bottom of cooking pan
cook at 300 degrees on second rack
until the top is brown. Normally you
take it out when you can smell it, don't,
let it cook a little longer.

Let it sit for a two hours before eating,
because it's a bit moist at first.

You want to heat it up before eating.
We mic it but it's better if you pop it in a
toaster over.

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about our website on social media.


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