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False Memories True Lies

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False Memories True Lies is a powerful drama with twist and turns you never see coming. If you feel that any well written book will cause you to see the scenes play out in your head as you read them, this book delivers everything you desire.

I don't want to go into the plot of the book because the plot is unexpected and pushing just outside of accepted norms. I can tell you this, it deals with a hollywood scandal unlike any you have ever seen.

Battlefield:The enemy thanks you for your silence

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Have you ever heard of a church where the pastor divorced his wife and married the woman he was cheating with? Possibly this woman was already a member of the church, and after she gets the man, the church has to watch her as she replacing the former wife in every way possible including sitting in the same seat the former wife sat in every Sunday morning.

This book takes a look at the pain and suffering that happens to every one surrounding the situation. The church is in pain, the ex-wife is in pain, the children are suffering pain as they struggle to live with the contradiction that is their father. This book goes deeper than any book you ever read on the subject of spiritual battles. It will absolutely change the way you understand "Free Will."

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